Top Picks for Organizing Your Chaos

"Let's face it: there are thousands and thousands of options out there when it comes to storage systems and organizing items. So if you're just deciding your home is in need of a decluttering makeover, where do you start? As an organizer, it is my job to know and be informed of the absolute best and most effective products when it comes to organization. The following products have all been used in projects I have completed with clients, and come with my highest recommendation."

5 Truths I Learned from Moving and Apartment Living with My Family

"The road that got us to our destination was a doozy, but I am so grateful for the experience. The combination of both moving and living in a small space really put things into perspective, and I learned some important lessons about my (and my family's) needs through the journey. So let's take a look at the 5 major truths I learned from moving out of a house and living with my family in an apartment for 8 months."

Coupons, Clubs, & Clearance: The Birth of Excess – Part 3

"The word cheap gets a bad wrap. The actual definition of the word cheap is purchasable below the going price or the real value. However, cheap also describes when something is poorly made or has been done or gained using little to no effort.

I find this unfortunate because, for most people, there is not much that is effortless about living within your budget. As I use this word in my writings, I want you at home to understand that there is nothing inherently bad with buying something cheap. BUT, you should be conscious of a couple of factors that play into deciding when it's important to invest, and when it's important to be like Queen Elsa and let it go."