Balancing Act: Keeping the Creative-Me Alive

"So I mentioned in my Meet The Boss Lady page that I used to be an art teacher. It's true! Since I've been home raising my kids though, I haven't had as many opportunities to participate in creative endeavors. And even though my work as a professional organizer keeps me thinking creatively and out-of-the-box for my clients, I love any chance to go all out and put my crafty skills to good use."

Top Picks for Organizing Your Chaos

"Let's face it: there are thousands and thousands of options out there when it comes to storage systems and organizing items. So if you're just deciding your home is in need of a decluttering makeover, where do you start? As an organizer, it is my job to know and be informed of the absolute best and most effective products when it comes to organization. The following products have all been used in projects I have completed with clients, and come with my highest recommendation."