Featured Work


Please enjoy some select before and afters of locations I have had the pleasure of working in. For a complete portfolio with larger images and many, MANY more photos, please visit my Facebook page.

To schedule a FREE consultation, please visit the contact page or call (978) 212-9004.

Location #1: Basement

Location #2: Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen

Location #3: Art Studio

Location #4: Master Bedroom

Location #5: Craft Room

Location #6: Basement

Location #7: Kitchen (pantry)

Location #8: Master Bathroom

Location #9: Home Office

Location #10: Basement

Location #11: Playroom / Basement, Bedroom

Location #12: Kitchen
(unpacking after a local move)

Location #13: Nursery
(prepping wardrobe for cross-country move & temporary storage)


4 Key Reasons Stuff Keeps Coming Back Into Your Life After You Declutter
(featured on MakeSpace)
Have you ever decluttered your home, only to find it a total disaster again a few months later? Read my guest article on MakeSpace to find out why this happens, and what to do to prevent it.

The Very Best Home Organization Ideas
(featured on Clutter Keeper)
As part of their “home organizing experts” series which focuses on organizers from across the country, Clutter Keeper featured myself and The Chaos Boss from Massachusetts! You can read up on some of the things that make me tick, my inspirations, and (most importantly) some helpful hacks for keeping your own home in clean, tidy, and tip-top shape!

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