img_8288.jpgThe Chaos Boss serves the Central Massachusetts, MetroWest, and Boston areas. To schedule a consultation or organizing session, please visit the contact page or call (978) 212-9004.


Initial Consultation – FREE
During this initial meeting, we will determine what you want to accomplish for your home or office. We will assess the space/spaces in question and create a list of goals for future sessions.

Organization Session(s) – $40/hour
During these sessions, we will consolidate, organize, and simplify the predetermined area(s) of the home or office discussed in the Initial Consultation. Hourly rate includes all time spent performing the following services: hands-on organizing, planning, research, communication, and shopping [if applicable].

Online Item Sales – FREE w/ Organizing Session
For those who have things to sell, but lack the time it takes to organize the sales themselves, I list and sell items for you for a percentage of the profit.

Haul-It-Away – FREE w/ Organizing Session
For clients who are not interested in selling anything online after their session(s), I will haul away any unwanted items.

What makes Th
e Chaos Boss different?

Two of the main things I make sure my clients have before I leave them (besides an organized space) are knowledge + understanding of their personal habits and a game plan for keeping the space(s) clutter free.

If you are aware of and can analyze your personal habits, you can see patterns of past behavior in order to make informed decisions and predict + impact future choices.

These two things together can help break the clutter > declutter > clutter cycle.