Meet The Boss Lady


Hi! My name is Jen, and I’m The Chaos Boss. Before kids, I was a high school visual art teacher who was constantly told, “Wow, you’re surprisingly Type-A for your occupation.”

That assessment (while true) always interested me. Yes, most people that fit into the artist stereotype are not the neatest of beings. And yes, it’s a fact that art-making can be messy and chaotic. But to me, chaos is not equivalent to bad. Order and chaos have a strangely symbiotic relationship. Consider this: There must be order before chaos can exist, and there must be chaos before order can exist.

I have always been an organized person. But being organized doesn’t mean that my house is void of stuff. There is PLENTY of stuff in my house. As a mom of two young children, stuff is imminent. The culture of stuff has always intrigued me though: the buying of it, collecting of it, need for it, and storing of it were just some of the things I pondered about. It collects fast and furiously like dust on furniture. However, there is a way to enjoy the stuff you (and your kids) have and not be completely overrun with it.

Over the years, I’ve developed successful methods for organizing stuff in different situations. As a teacher, my art room was labeled for easy access to tools and materials, and was always clean to maintain a healthy working environment for my students. As a wife, I developed systems for organizing our daily necessities as well as longer-term storage solutions. And now, as a mother, I’ve modified or innovated previous ways of organizing and containing stuff to adapt to our ever-evolving family needs.

Organization is a dynamic concept because we as persons are always changing. And that’s why I’m glad you’re here. I strive as a professional organizer and organizational strategies blogger to provide ideas and inspiration so that you to can become the boss of your own chaos.

Happy Organizing!

~ Jen